Monday, March 31, 2008

Butterfly Effect

I was speaking at Reinventing Call Center Management in Toronto last week and describing Chaos theory (otherwise known as the butterfly effect). "CHAOS theory- a butterfly flaps its wings in marketing and the call center has problems. We are all familiar with this occurrence though few realize it originated in call centres. Marketing (or Sales) activities result in Substantially Higher Incoming Traffic which adversely impacts the Forecasted Agent Number. Of course in colloquial speech we call this the SHIT hitting the FAN"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travel Update

That has been one tiring week and a half. Spent one week in Ireland meeting with a number of major call and contact center operators. Great meetings, the change in the economy is staggering over the past 20 years!
The price of everything is expensive, beer and a club sandwich at $ 25, homes are multiple million Euros and even call center wages are incredible.

Then spent a couple of days in Portland with clients/prospects and now back in Toronto and preparing for a seminar session tomorrow on Leadership Strategies for High performance Contact centers.

I will report more shortly.